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If you are part of the financial industry you will be more than aware of the changes to the financial industry over the past decade due to the rapid increase in technology. Once new technologies have been implemented in your business, the results speak for themselves. But unfortunately, not all businesses have the infrastructure to implement these changes immediately. 

At APT we work with clients to solve any new tasks that may arise in their industry. One of our financial clients that we have been working with since February 2016 is an online term deposit platform. They help clients to compare and choose term deposit interest rates from various Australian financial institutions.

The Challenge:

Being in the financial industry, the client must adhere to changes in the bank policies and procedures. With the RBA cracking down on the industry recently, legislation changes, adaptability and operational changes are the new norm in the technology industry. New technologies have also been implemented and therefore additional tasks have been added in terms of projects.

In order to stay up to date with the relevant updates and the new tasks, the client required additional assistance outside of our daily tasks. Our relationship and contract went from some back end work, to solutions focused operational changes with ease.

The Outcome:

At APT we have regular communication with our clients through phone calls, video calls and in person to enable us to work with your operations teams to provide solutions to new technologies and policies in your industry.

We discussed the above issue with our client and suggested having an additional FTE to take care of any additional projects when necessary.

We had onboarded a new FTE with extensive knowledge of the Australian financial industry, having worked with NAB for 9 years. From the beginning of their contract, we ensured their dedicated team were the right fit. All of their assigned employees are from financial backgrounds, making it easier to understand the financial terminology and the best solutions to any required changes. We have worked extra hours and over the weekends to finish the day to day tasks that were required to complete the project.

Our core value is ‘Going beyond the contracts and nurturing relationships’. We understand that in order to cultivate a proper relationship, we must be flexible. If you need us to go the extra mile or perform some additional activities to our stipulated contract, you can rely on us to make it happen.

If your industry is constantly changing policies and developing with new technologies, APT is the right fit for your business. We are a solution-based firm who work with you to ensure your business is up to date and is operating at maximum efficiency. If you need additional assistance in your business now is the time to contact APT, click here to contact us today.

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