Save Time and Money on Recruiting and Outsource with APT

Days spent with an unfilled position: 31
Hours spent reviewing the number of resumes for your advertised position: Countless nights staying up past midnight
Hours spent screening potential employees: 25
Hours spent on 1st, 2nd and 3rd interviews: Countless hours over a 3 week period

All of these hours & days spent filling your position won’t get back. At APT, our expert team of recruiters can deliver offshore recruiting services to enable your business to adapt to market demands. You can get back to focusing on the important tasks in your business and let us find your ideal candidate.

We offer a range of services within the recruitment sector including:
1. Database management
2. Candidate Shortlisting
3. Job Placements
4. Background checks

APT’s approach to RPO is designed to:

  • Decrease the costs involved with recruiting and increase profitability. Outsourcing your backend recruiting services can assist you to decrease overhead costs.
  • Decreases the time involved with the hiring process as our team works with short turnaround times with up to 2 hours. RPO resources are allocated based on the requirements involved with meeting each objective of the hiring process.
  • Increase hiring effectiveness by developing a solution that attracts the best available talent and fit for your organization.
  • Access to the latest technologies and tools. This can then be implemented to ensure the most effective job ads, online sourcing, the management of applications and screening are all completed to the highest standard and efficiency.

If you are tired of spending weeks to expand your employee base, click here and let APT do the hard work for you.

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