The Six Pillars of Building a Productive and Profitable Business

Biggest benefit- New found time to focus on managing the growth of the business

1. Bold Leadership

Leaders clearly define what success is, set out the path most likely to take the team there and then spend their time removing the obstacles that get in the way. They spend their time keeping everyone on the right path so everyone gets exactly where they want to go. Strong leaders create great terms, fill them with great people and then make them even better.

Strong leaders build productive and profitable teams.

2. Standards and Expectations

A team will only ever perform to the level that is expected of them. The first step in creating a productive and profitable outsourced team is to clearly define the standards and expectations that you will hold them accountable for. It is vital that you spend time answering questions like:

  • What is the quantity of work that you expect?
  • What is the quality of work that you expect?
  • What level of communication between you and your outsourced team do you expect?
  • What will you and wont you stand for from any members of your team?
  • Are there any other factors which will determine the success of your team?

You must be able to clearly communicate these expectations to your team and manage their performance against them. It might not happen straight away, but if you are consistent you team will rise to your expectations.

3. Effective Systems and Processes

Once you have determined what your expectations are of your outsourced team, you must spend the time to clearly communicate what they need to do to be able to meet your expectations.

By spending the time to design and implement the systems of how your outsourced team delivers their work and communicates with you and your local Australian team you’ll greatly improve the efficiency, as well as standardize the quality of the work being produced.

We will help you to create or improve your systems to make the most of your outsourced team.

Take the time to lay out every single step and create the work flows to match these systems, the little time this will take you in the beginning will greatly improve the effectiveness of your outsources team.

4. Tools to Monitor and Measure Results

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it and if you can’t manage it you will never know if it is working effectively of not.

Once you have created the work flows and identified how you want your outsourced team to perform, you will need to ensure that you have got the reporting and management tools in place to know at a glance if they are performing to your expectations or not.

5. Regular Performance Reviews

As you begin to integrate your Australian team with your new outsourced team it is vital that you conduct regular performance reviews in every one of your team members including your Australian based employees. This helps develop a strong culture, ensures that everyone is communicating effectively with each other and holds everyone accountable to your standards and expectations.

6. Continuous Improvement

Create the culture where you are regularly looking for inefficiencies within your systems and procedures as well as ways to improve the performance of your team. Develop the culture where feedback from your team members is encouraged.

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